Starting at the bridge to Santana Land, we wind our way through shallows of reflecting pools.  Small waterfalls are around our feet.  As we go up=stream the water is getting deeper and the falls are a little higher and louder.  Stepping on stones that have seen sandals fron Natives longer than your country ihas been a country.  The rushong water has a deep sparkle that fadrs away after awhile and you no longer hear it's tinkle and gurling sounds.;

Into the sunlight again.  We see a spider haven of webs. Someone had made a fortune selling these young reeds to be used by all of the spiders in this one area of our trail. ...
There must be at least 9 to 11 webs in very close proximity, and each was wafting back and forth on the mountain breeze and awaiting the flies that fly down that chute.
By the count of spare snacks all wrapped up for freshness, the hunting was good.  We had some fat spiders in the hood.
How did they know to mall build their networks so close together and share the wealth?


Riverwalk -Half


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